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CNC Millturn

Okuma Multus B750W: 4 meters, 5 axis millturn with deep hole drilling

Okuma Macturn 550: 2 meters, 4 axis millturn with deep hole drilling

CNC Machining Centers

Supermax Max-3 Rebel: 4 axis vertical CNC mill

H.H. Roberts Mill: CNC/manual knee mill

CNC Turning

Okuma LB45: 2 meters, 2 axis lathe

Okuma LB45III: 3 meters, 2 axis lathe

Milltronics ML26: 2 meters, 2 axis lathe

Horizontal Machining Center

SNK Horizontal Boring Mill BP130.30 with contouring head

Colgar 213 TR Twin Pallet Horizontal Boring Mill efficiently machines heavy & large parts with precision.  It is capable of machining parts up to 20,000 lbs.

Okuma MB-8000H Horizontal Boring Mill provides highly accurate, high speed machining for parts up to 2,000 lbs.


Okuma GP-47F11 CNC Cylindrical Grinder: capable of grinding precision tapers and complex forms. Grinds up to: 60” long, 16.9” diameter

AZ Crankshaft Grinder CG360-330: Grinds up to: 127” long, 28” diameter, 14” stroke

Berco 425: Grinds up to: 144” long, 28” diameter, 14” stroke

Van Norman Grinders CG280: Grinds up to: 80” long, 22” diameter, 10” stroke

Quality Control

Faro Quantum S : 6’

Faro Quantum S-Max : 8

Honing Machining Center

Sunnen CK21 Hone